Johnny Boonham

Guest Book

Guest Book.

August 19th 2010.

Margaret Said,

" Margaret, from the West End Working Men's Club,

Wolverhampton, enjoys your playing. The flowers that

Nida grows are beautiful."

December 13th

Penny and Brian said,

" We like your photos and wish you all the best for 2010

and look forward to listening and dancing to your music."

November 4th.

Mark said,

" I must say that I have enjoyed reading your website.

It's good to see that the traditional players are still out there!"

July 31st.

Mr. John Riley asks a question.

"What happens to all the photos Nida takes at the various dances?"

Johnny says,

"It is a good question that you ask. The answer is that the pictures

that Nida takes and any that are submitted to us, we look at carefully.

We try to ensure that any picture that we include is a good picture

and conforms to the normal rules of taste and decency.

When Nida takes a series of pictures in a "live" situation there will be

one or two that will "stand out" and these are the ones that we will

tend to use, so most pictures will be rejected. Inevitably, because of

limitations of space on the website, not all pictures will appear, but will

remain in our files for possible future use.

We will always consider publishing on our website items of interest.

These can be sent to us in the form of a Word Document. In the case

of pictures, these must be sent as an attachment in the JPEG File


Both Nida and I send our best wishes and hope that you will

continue to visit our website and find it interesting."

Maurice said,

"Thank you for an excellent nights entertainment and dancing

last night (21st Feb) at Willenhall.

Great we have discovered you and will keep an eye on your diary for

future dances.

Very impressed with Nida's dahlias, she must have very green fingers!

Hope to see you both soon, kind regards,

Maurice and Margaret and friends Ruth and Keith."

Brian, of Park Hall Dance Club, Wythall, Nr. Birmingham said ,

" Hi John & Nida, a great night on Saturday (7 Feb) very enjoyable

and I like the pictures Nida took, it didn't take you long to put them

on your new web site Johnny, which I was very impressed with.

See you soon, Brian, Park Hall Dance Club. "